Saturday, December 22, 2012

Au Marché de Noël

If you visit the Place du Capitole de Toulouse during this time of the year, you will find yourself surrounded by various delicacies and produce of Southern France and also from the rest of the world.

You have the famous nougats and candied fruit stands

These candied fruits are oozing with sugary sweetness... gives me toothache just by looking at them

Nougats are extra-soft and chewy here in France, but also extra-expensive

Some tea to go with the sweets

You wouldn't believe how crazy they are about tea in these parts... good for me!

Various spices from abroad

Spices, mostly of African origin

Some Himalayan and pink rock salts

Some well-loved local snacks

Aligot and Tartiflette stand -- these snacks are made from potatoes and cheese -- both of which are staple food here in France

And hot wine to beat the cold.

I should try this

There was also entertainment for the kids.

Stage show for kids

And for the not-so-young ones.

You can throw pie on this guy's face for a Euro

This year, we went during the day, but last year we went during the evening, and it looked like this:

Le Marché de noël 2011 par nuit

Bonne fête et joyeux noël, tout le monde!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Homemade Holiday Treats

last year i tried my hand at making pastillas de leche to give away to friends as a Christmas treat.

my very own, homemade yema balls in paper cups, stacked neatly in a bright yellow plastic glass

it was easy to make and you don't need so many ingredients.  wrapping up the stuff was tiresome though.

it helps to have a measuring spoon to have some uniformity with the size of the balls

this year, i tried to make some yema balls instead. courtesy of this recipe.

nuts and dried fruits

 i've decided to include some personal touch and minor revisions on the recipe. so i added a variety of other nuts, not just peanuts in the mixture.

sprinkling over a bit more ground nuts for aesthetics

it proved to be a tiresome and tedious task yet again.

i ran out of paper cups so i had to improvise some plastic wrappers out of the mini-gift bags that i bought in Daiso (a Japanese store in Singapore) as wrappers.

but since i love giving away Filipino treats to my friends during the holiday season, i decided to make that once-in-a-year effort, which, i would venture to say, was well-appreciated.  :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wine Dégustation

last Saturday, it was my first time to attend a wine dégustation (wine tasting) here in France.

some finger food to go with the wine

The wine comes from a friend's friend's wine produce from Bordeaux. This is a famous region in the south of France where wine of prime quality comes from. it was a good experience, even made better when shared with friends.

the name of the wine is usually the family name of the owner

you know it's a very good wine when it doesn't have any advertisement at all at the back of the bottle, like this one. it only has the label in front.

Hubby and I bought a box of six, with a mix of their produce from 2010 and 2011. For sure, winter will be a lot less dreary and a lot less of a misery if you have the company of a good wine at hand.

For wine lovers, click here for further info.

* this article also appeared on the afpmp web site.