Monday, December 3, 2012

Wine Dégustation

last Saturday, it was my first time to attend a wine dégustation (wine tasting) here in France.

some finger food to go with the wine

The wine comes from a friend's friend's wine produce from Bordeaux. This is a famous region in the south of France where wine of prime quality comes from. it was a good experience, even made better when shared with friends.

the name of the wine is usually the family name of the owner

you know it's a very good wine when it doesn't have any advertisement at all at the back of the bottle, like this one. it only has the label in front.

Hubby and I bought a box of six, with a mix of their produce from 2010 and 2011. For sure, winter will be a lot less dreary and a lot less of a misery if you have the company of a good wine at hand.

For wine lovers, click here for further info.

* this article also appeared on the afpmp web site.

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