Sunday, March 31, 2013

New York, New York ( Part II )

My tour guide (hubby), despite having been to New York twice already before this trip, has never had the opportunity to climb up to the viewing deck of the Empire State Building. When I was much younger and cheesier, it had been my lifelong dream to climb up there. But now, I wouldn't mind still doing it, but I have come to dislike queuing on long lines. Fortunately, my husband booked a ticket online and when we got there at 9:30AM, there was no queue at all. And it took us all but 15 minutes maybe, to climb to the viewing deck.

An escalator and two elevators later, we made it to the 86th floor, the viewing deck. And the view did not disappoint.

View of the Chrysler Building from the Empire State observation deck

You can see all the way out to the Statue of Liberty and beyond

Brooklyn Bridge

You can still go higher up, but we didn't bother. Instead we headed off to Fifth Avenue for some shopping.

Hubby was looking for this men's clothes shop called Brooks Brothers because he's really finicky when it comes to office wear. It was suggested by one of his friends here in Toulouse because apparently it's of really good quality. And you can get some shirts that require no ironing. How convenient.

Image from thefrugalprepster

Just last night, I found out this Brooks Brothers is a famous and old American brand when I was reading in bed A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. The author mentioned that it was worn by F. Scott Fitzgerald when he first met him at a bar in Paris. I told my husband about this brand being worn by famous people, and concluded it's probably why the Lola saleslady back at Fifth Avenue was so snooty.

On the way to lunch, we passed by Times Square. I know it's better to have your pictures there taken in the evening, when all the bright lights are aglow, but we just couldn't resist. Later during the night, I came back to take this picture:

 We had a hearty lunch of good old American burger at a place called HB Burger, just a few meters from Times Square. I super loved the ambience, and the food, and the service. I wasn't able to finish everything because it was too much for my small tummy.

browsing the Empire State Building pics while having a beer and waiting for my burger

Back to Fifth Avenue to continue with the shopping, we passed by Tiffany's. and the famous Apple Store.

too bad i already bought some apple stuff in SoHo, didn't bother going inside here

and these:

the skating rink at Rockefeller Center

the Philippine Embassy along Fifth Avenue, would you believe? bonggah!

Later in the afternoon, we went back to Times Square, corner of Broadway to purchase some tickets on show.

i was at first repelled about the queuing. but these ticket booths are selling discounted Broadway tickets. i was just glad we came really early so we didn't queue for a long time.

this is where we bought our discounted tickets. we got 40% off of our tickets to Mamma Mia!

I wanted to watch either The Book of Mormons (that funny South Park episode) or that thing with Matthew Broderick, but they were unavailable. my husband wanted to see Rock of the Ages, but we settled for Mamma Mia instead.

We headed back to the hotel with some Starbucks coffee in hand and had a bit of nap before going back to Broadway again for the show.

At first, I didn't like that I was seated right in front of the stage. I mean, the stage is practically right on my nose. And I was sitting right next to the music director. I could also see the rest of the orchestra below me, underneath the stage.

view of the orchestra instruments below the stage from where i was sitting... you can see all their clutter -- the books, the empty cans of soda and bottled water, some small stuffed animals, etc. it was quite messy

In the end it was such a cool experience, because I was able to see all the details in the stage, all the actors'/actresses' pores, the miniature microphones that they hide in their hair, under the fringe or behind the ear, etc. LOL.

lots of keyboards and that inside the sound-proof booth (left) was the drums set... i took all these pictures with flash, before the orchestra members started to arrive

 And the music director, Wendy Bobbitt Cavett who was sitting an arm's length away from me, was so into it. She even said thanks to me after the show. It was so cool and I felt a bit starstruck. I would've asked for a pic with her, but taking pics inside the theater was supposedly forbidden. :)

this is where the music director was sitting, right to my left. and directly in front of us is the stage floor... that computer there sitting behind the keyboards is a mac.

 After the show, we took some more pictures around Times Square. and had some hot dogs in one of them hot dog stands. we chose the one right in the middle of Times Square. it was awful. but the evening was great.

more next time!


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