Friday, July 5, 2013

The Singapore Airlines Business Class Experience

on the way back to Singapore, we took Singapore Airlines via Frankfurt. from Toulouse, we had to take Lufthansa Airlines (code-sharing with SIA) going to Frankfurt. it was my baby's first time to ride in an airplane and it was my first time with Lufthansa. we had quite a pleasant experience during the ride.

we were seated right in front of the plane and they gave us three seats to ourselves even though our baby is not supposed to have a seat by herself because she's only 14 months old.

i was a bit scared to travel with my baby because she is now at the stage where she could not keep still even for a second. but we bought her some nice toys for distraction and made her walk around the plane a bit whenever we could. we were glad it was only a two-hour flight to Frankfurt.

despite the flight being only as short as two hours, they gave us quite a good selection of food to snack on. and the flight attendants were very nice and helpful to us and the baby.

Lufthansa flight snack -- pretzel, pata negra, manchego cheese, chorizos, some grilled veggies and panna cotta with lavender bits

arriving at Frankfurt, we only had less than an hour to catch the flight to Singapore. it was quite unfortunate, because i didn't have the opportunity to see the Business Class Lounge at the airport.

our plane was a Boeing 777. Singapore's business class is known to have the biggest and most comfortable seats of all. and i was glad about this.

 Let's look at the features of the plane that i found really nice:

the seat control buttons are on the side and you can cover them with this detachable arm rest thingy, if you get bothered by the light

and best of all, lots and lots of legroom and space... you can even put up your legs even during landing and take-off because of this area meant as foot rest/extra stowage

it was quite comfortable, not just because it can fit two of me in it, but also because the seat transforms into a flat bed when you pull down the back of the seat. really nice!

this is how the bed looks when you have pulled down the back of the seat.

as for the food, of course, it was not as nice as the food on AirFrance, but it was not bad at all.


dinner starters -- salmon, salad and i don't really know what that jellied thing is, but i didn't really like it.

hubby's dinner -- some pasta, which he really loved

was surprised to find Bonne Maman on a SIA flight

the service was also very nice. the flight attendants were very helpful and nice to our baby. and they gave us a lot of freebies for her.

these contain eyemask, and some socks that sort of looks like a pantoufle... you can request for ear plugs if you like, which i did.

the weird-looking sock-pantoufle... i didn't wear them because they were too hot for me.

they didn't have the nice pochettes that contain toiletries that are available on AirFrance business class flights, though. but they do have L'Occitane for toiletries in the toilets. and the toilets are way bigger and cleaner. and all of them have changing tables!

i would have had a more pleasant and relaxing flight if not for my baby kicking and punching me around while she sleeps. but then, it was still pleasant enough for me seeing that my baby was really comfortable during the night and managed to have a restful sleep the whole time.

i highly recommend Singapore Airlines for all these. :)