Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chinese-Malaysian Wedding in Johor Bahru

i have rarely attended big weddings... come to think of it, i rarely attend weddings at all. this Sunday, hubby and i had the occasion to go to one in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

armed with a brand new GPS, we drove in the rain towards Johor Bahru, Malaysia to attend hubby's colleague's wedding

first off, we had to buy a proper GPS as the one from Google doesn't really work well giving cross-country directions. it was quite a challenge trying to find a good one here in Singapore. i guess most people don't really have the need for it with Singapore being such a small country.

it was quite a rainy drive on the way to Johor Bahru from Singapore. and there was heavy traffic jam crossing the border. we didn't realize so many people go to JB on a Sunday. but driving was so much easier going past the customs than when you are commuting. i remember having such a nightmare doing this when i went to Malacca by bus.

our cozy and well-lit bedroom for the night at Renaissance Hotel, Johor Bahru

we arrived at the Renaissance Hotel finally, after almost two hours, i think. it was quite a nice, new hotel. i especially loved the lighting. the swimming pool could be better though. our condo's swimming pool back in SG looks way better, in my opinion.

can't stop with the selfies

after taking a much needed siesta, we headed off towards the café at the ground floor level. the lighting here is impeccable too. it inspired me to take a lot of selfies and foodies. :)

my peppermint tea and walnut pie, hubby's pecan pie and macchiato

tea time! :)

at the wedding, i was impressed with the videos and the photo albums. like my husband, the couple is into the aerospace business, so they have lived in several different places and traveled a lot. hubby is colleague to the groom, by the way.

the couple's travel and prenup photos

i am most especially jealous of the prenuptial photos taken at the airport with some really nice old planes in the background, especially this one:

i told hubby, we definitely need to get a photo like this! maybe in the coming Airshow this February? hopefully, we'll get special tickets. :)

i was surprised to find out they were all taken at the airport in Johor Bahru. first of all, i didn't even know there is an airport in JB and second of all, the lighting in the pictures look more like they were taken outside of Southeast Asia.

our table

it was quite a huge wedding celebration. the guests were maybe around 300 people. we were seated at a nice table not too far away from the stage and just right next to the aisle on one side, and the screens where the videos about the couple were being shown on the other side.

lovely couple

i love these bubbly chandeliers

we chanced upon the groom right before dinner and got introduced to his ex-boss in Houston, Texas, an American guy who used to work for United Airlines. he said working for an airline company is not a very lucrative business but it has its perks. and since he served them for 25 years, he now gets to travel free anywhere with their airline, FIRST CLASS! that's not so bad at all.

white and dark chocolates inside the box

the menu
the newly-weds

each table seats 10 persons. the food was quite sufficient. and the wine was not bad at all. but the room was freezing cold. we tried to get warm with the wine. but it was not enough. too bad there were no whisky or armagnac. :p

one of my favorite dishes
the guests seated on our table were mostly colleagues of the groom. the American sitting next to me referred to it as the "aerospace" table, save for me, the intruder, being the sole IT person in the group. i told him, i'm not such an intruder at all because i have actually worked on an airline booking system before. ;)

this monster fish was very good

one of the highlights of the evening was when the groom sang to the bride. it reminded me so much of traditional Filipino weddings -- a bit cheesy, extravagant and bling-bling. LOL.

the groom dedicating a song to the bride

i had to take a picture of my OOTD, of course.

my OOTD -- some nameless brand for a nice orange dress, my wedding shoes, my old vintage earrings, bracelet courtesy of hubby's grandmother

this was only the second time i wore these shoes. they were my wedding shoes. still looking so brand new after more than two years since i bought them. they went so well with my orange dress and my salmon-pink toe nails.

tired old feet

the next day, we had a buffet breakfast before heading back to SG. there was quite a huge selection of dishes in the buffet -- soups, pastries, fruits, dim sum, pancakes, etc. was a bit disappointed about not having some bacon. i guess, even though alcohol can be served inside the hotel, pork is still prohibited.

hotel breakfast

i had my usual scrambled eggs, pancakes and sausages (chicken) with café au lait, fruit juice and some more fresh fruits.

i had quite a pleasant stay at this hotel. i couldn't say more about JB, though. we were planning to visit a mall and do some groceries and get a massage but we missed a turn and instead just headed straight for Woodlands. got my Thai massage in Singapore instead.

have a great week, everyone! :)

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