Friday, December 20, 2013

Madeleines aux pépites de chocolat

ca fait longtemps que j'ai fait une recette française. c'est pour ca que aujourd'hui, j'ai décidé d'essayer faire les madeleines. c'est l'un des gateaux français que je prefère. je me rapelle, quand j'étais en France, je les mangeais pour petit-déjeuner presque tous les matins. je spécialement prefère ceux aux pépites de chocolat.

ce qui m'etonne ici à Singapour , c'est que c'est toujours difficile de trouver l'extrait de vanille pûr et bien aussi les moules pour faire les madeleine. mais, j'avais de la chance, parce que j'ai démandé ma belle-mère avant d'arriver ici a Singapour pour ses vacances de m'amener quelques ingredients et les moules pour les faire.

les trucs amenés par ma belle-mère qui viennent de France -- même si ils sont pas les extraits "pûrs", ils sont meilleurs que les trucs qu'on peut trouver ici à Singapour.

j'etais très heureuse de trouver les sachets de levure chimique de Casino chez Cold Storage ici a Singapour

j'ai suit la recette ici. mais, j'ai remplacé quelques ingrédients pour avoir la touche personelle. j'ai utilisé la levure chimique qui vient de la France, et j'ai ajouté l'extrait d'amande et les pépites de chocolat. un petit conseil: ne pas ajouter trop d'extrait d'amande parce que c'est très fort, et ca donne le goût amer.

je prefère d'utiliser cet ingredient à la place de l'extrait de vanille... j'en ai trouver ici à Singapour chez Cold Storage une fois, mais quand je suis revenu j'en ai plus trouvé, malheureusement. c'est bon aussi pour les "pancakes", etc.

aussi, j'aime utiliser la cassonade à la place de sucre blanc. mais, ca c'est juste une question de goût. et si tu veux, tu peux aussi ajouter le sucre vanillé pour remplacer l'extrait de vanille. ca c'est pratique si c'est vraiment difficile pour toi de trouver l'extrait de vanille pûr.

la forme parfaite

pour la forme parfaite, il faut avoir la bosse comme sur la photo ci-dessus, et bien aussi la coquille à l'envers comme sur la photo ci-dessous:

madeleines aux pépites de chocolat fait-maison

je suis très fière de moi pour avoir faire les bonnes madeleines pour la première fois.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Skin Care Products Review

i am the type of person who gets loyal to a brand. that's why, when i found the perfect moisturizer for my skin type, i never tried any other moisturizer again until today...

i started using moisturizer on my face since i've arrived in Singapore. in the Philippines, my face would always get sweaty sticky oily all throughout the day, so i never really developed the habit of moisturizing my face on a daily basis.

Crabtree and Evelyn, my all-time favorite brand of body lotion

but in Singapore, for some reason, i found it less humid and more drying not just on my face, but on the rest of my body. this is why is started using Kiehl's facial moisturizer. it was one of the brands recommended by a friend for the best lip balm ever. it's a good thing i didn't stop at buying a simple lip balm and extended my curiosity with the moisturizer because it turned out to be just perfect for my skin. i even bought a facial wash to go along with it. and it was also perfect. Kiehl's is absolutely one of my favorite brands.

Kiehl's ultra facial cream for combination skin type

 when i started using it though, i really had very dry skin. and i continued using Kiehl's products even after moving to France, where it was even less humid. it was also a great product to use during the winter. although, i needed to use their Argan Oil too for extreme moisturizing during the winter months.

some of the products that i bought at the Kiehl's Store in New York -- sunblock and a set of cleanser, moisturizer and toner

now, back again in Singapore, i found that my face no longer gets dry the same way as before moving the France. i don't know if it's due to hormonal changes or weather changes, but i do know that the old moisturizer just doesn't cut it anymore because my face now gets especially icky shiny oily especially on the T-zone.

Clinique's pore refining and mattifying facial moisturizer

and so, yesterday, i experimented on this moisturizer by Clinique. it claims to moisturize while leaving a mattifying effect, meaning, less shine as possible. what's more, it has pore-refining ingredients too. tried it today and it worked wonders. does not feel heavy on the skin and my face feels less oily.

i've also chanced upon this famous Rosebud Salve since i've already ran out of Kiehl's lip balms... it was nice. does the work. but it feels kinda hot and heavy on the lips. i still prefer Kiehl's.

trying on some new lip balm (Smith's Rosebud Salve)... not quite as good as Kiehl's

next on the list is this facial wash by Aesop. i chanced upon it while i was browsing the shops in Sydney, Australia. i wasn't really convinced when i tested it on my hand because it was leaving a bit of stinging sensation. but hubby convinced me to get it. and so i did. didn't like it. but i guess he did, because he's now the one who's using it. maybe it's more suitable to oilier skin types like hubby's than mine, which is combination type.

Aesop's Amazing Face Cleanser -- not suitable for sensitive semi-dry skin like mine... leaves a nasty stinging sensation after use... and it was even more expensive than Kiehl's!

 and so, for now, it's still Kiehl's ultra-sensitive, non-drying facial wash that does the trick for me.

best facial cleanser for combination (bordering on dry) skin type

having fun inside the picture booth at Kiehl's NYC shop

have a great weekend, everyone! :)