Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Mood: Last Weekend's Highlights

Setting up the mood for a good soak in the bath after my Sunday morning yoga

The beautiful view of Marina Bay's skyline from our old new apartment

Teaching my daughter Tagalog

Choosing the color of my holiday nails (sorry for sloppy amateur application) at Sephora

Vacation mode on with today's breezy, beachy and summery OOTD (J. Crew skirt)

During the past few days, we have been busy moving to our new apartment, which is in the same building as our previous unit, only higher up. That!.. and also, we're prepping up for the upcoming three-week summer holiday in Europe... we are leaving in a few days! So much stuff to do, so little time... but here I am, I still managed to find the time for this blog. :)

Cheers, and let's all have a good summer holiday!

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