Friday, September 2, 2016

Summery Pink and Blue Outfit

It's Friday and we're a few hours away from getting that well-deserved weekend break. I've been feeling kind of down lately. Mostly because I usually feel like crap every time my birth month approaches. And also, I have been feeling sick this week because I have been having trouble sleeping. My daughter had an episode of what is apparently known as a "night terror" (parents, please read about it here as it is different from a regular nightmare) some nights ago, and we were all traumatized by it. After that night, I was a little bit scared that she will have another episode and so my sleeping patterns have been a wreck. As a result, I have been pretty sick most days. Thankfully, though, she hasn't had any other episode except for that one night.

Anyway, to help cheer me up, I'm posting some of the pretty and pink (most of them) things I've taken back from our European trip...

Chaussures tricolore... all my favorite wearable colors in one shoe

how lucky that it was on super sale and that they have my size

So comfy and sooo pretty... and 100% Made in Spain
Here I was wearing them during our visit to Pau, France
I have totally fallen in love with these sandals that I purchased in San Sebastian, Spain from a girlie shop called, Miint. And it was on super sale! I was so happy. They're so gentle to the feet and I would say really made for walking... and for photo-ops. :)

Ring - purchased in a shop in Prague, delicate bracelet - Bijoux Cailloux in St. Jean de Luz, France
I just love delicate jewelry... P.S. I don't wear foundation make-up because I find that it removes the natural 
contours of my face and makes it look less faceted and bland and flat. And I could never find the correct shade for my skin.
I've always had a thing for delicate blings. Somehow, big chunky jewelry just don't seem to look good on me. I got this bracelet (and some other stuff) from a shop called Bijoux Cailloux in St. Jean de Luz, France. I made an exception with the chunky blue stone ring, though, which I purchased in Prague. I forgot the name of the store. It's a famous local artisanal shop and located close to the Astronomical Clocks. The stone can be removed and you can purchase it separately. You can actually buy several different colors to match your outfit.

I got the plain blush pink cotton top from H&M in France and the denim skirt from Zara. Who would've thought that something so cheap from H&M would look and feel so nice like my favorite vintage cotton shirts from J. Crew, which are like three times more expensive. I like plain colored outfits and simple blings, especially on a hot sunny weather. Wearing prints and dark colors seem to make me feel heavier and sweatier. Although, I did pair all these with my favorite Kate Spade printed tote. I thought the black and pink prints of the bag would go well with the plain pink top. I wore all of these stuff to the office today for Casual Friday. Sorry, I don't have any pic that shows me wearing everything. I don't really have an assistant photographer. My four-year old daughter usually takes quite decent pics of me but she just started school this week, so I'm left to my own devices and can only take selfies.

Kate Spade New York broome pinwheel that I purchased online via Nordstrom before my European trip

Credits to Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg for the plain colored outfits inspiration
This is how "real" (geeky) billionaires dress like. ;) -- photo from Mark Zuckerberg's facebook

Now, I just need to find the perfect blush sunglasses before I head out to the beach (my next getaway) soon! :)

Thanks for dropping by and have a good weekend!

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