Saturday, August 12, 2017


I've always imagined Canada to be very cold and very far away. When I visited it a few weeks ago, I was right about the "very far away" part, but not the cold. I did not know it's possible to get very hot there in the summer.

The Basilica de Notre Dame de Montréal... you have to go inside to really appreciate its history and beauty

Here are some of my favorite images from this summer's trip to Montréal...

Champagne on our first night, celebrating with friends!

Bagels for breakfast

Interesting graffiti at Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, one of the busy shopping and dining areas at the city center

The view of the city from Mount Royal

Walking along Canal Lachine

Don't miss out on their specialty -- le sirop d'érable (maple syrup)... ask for the darkest ones,
if you prefer the strong caramel taste

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Bon weekend! :)

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