Friday, April 13, 2018

Updates and Random Stuff

What have I been up to lately?..

Driving a lot... trying to remove my fear of the big roads and the crowded car parks.  Getting there. Meanwhile, I am a big fan of the roundabouts now... more practical and efficient than stop lights.

Trying very hard not to overshare on social media. I have removed facebook on my phone... wait, was it a good idea to share that here? If you have not yet put a tape on your computer's webcam and microphone, do it NOW.

Planning future travels. So excited!

Learning to paint in Watercolor. It's not as easy as it looks. But so far, I really love how the paint does not stink at all, or not get in the way of healthy breathing, unlike acrylics and pastel.

My very first attempt at Watercolor painting
Went on a session of Live Nude Drawing. Each pose has to be sketched for either 3 or 5 minutes. There was no lecture. It was just a drawing session. I was a bit disappointed but I now have great respect for nude models who work during winter.

If the words, "live nude drawings" did not get your attention, not sure what else will... :D
Tried to do some vlogging in a reality TV-like manner, but I did not manage to convince myself to continue. How can anybody of sound mind and a semblance of self-awareness, be able to stand talking in front of the camera like it's his/her best friend, and watch videos of oneself over and over again during the edits without becoming overly self-critical to the point of exhaustion and ridicule?! How?!

Making more effort to NOT be annoying on social media like my former less-than-forty-year-old self who did not know better, i.e., posting less "yabang" stuff that incites "jealousy", trying to be less passive-aggressive, keep reminding myself that loathing other people is a reflection of one's own self-loathing (hashtag stopthehate).

That's all for now. Cheerios and have a good Friyay the Thirteenth!

P. S.
Happy birthday to my dear, loving aunt, who is shining down on her loved ones from the infinite skies.

Peace out!

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