Saturday, November 10, 2018

Rio on Urban Dictionary

If you're running out of dumb things to do on lazy weekends, look your name up on Urban Dictionary.

I was surprised to find how accurate they are -- "Abs like Jesus", etc. Made me laugh so hard.

And just for wicked fun, I looked up the names of my not-so-favorite people and found them to be accurate as well. Makes me wonder if I actually wrote the definitions myself, if not for the few, obvious lapses in grammar.

And a funny video of laughter en francais...

Have a good one, folks!

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  1. Well here's my definition lol. Very entertaining!

    Juliette is a crazy, awkward, nerdy girl who is shy at first but ONCE you know her she becomes CRAZY!!!! She is a big fangirl. Juliette has a HUGE appitite, but is athletic, so doesnt get FAT. Juliettes are loyal and will never let their friends be sad for ONE MINUTE! She is a great person to have as a BFF. She is a huge party-girl, and is bouncing-off-the-walls insane!!!Don't get her mad, though. JUliettes are scary when they are angry!!! :) Juliettes are crazy, compassionate, happy, nerdy, athletic, fangirly, loyal, awesome people!!! You will always love a Juliette!
    "Hey, have you seen Juliette?"
    "Yeah, she is probably off partying or reading!!!"
    "She is so weird and crazy!"
    "Yup-she's COOL!"


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