Saturday, December 22, 2018

December Watercolor Painting Updates

This week, I've been having an unexpectedly long weekend due to my sudden indisposition. And I finally found some time to brush up on my watercolor painting skills, while trying to rest. I thought I would make some paintings to give to family for Christmas. Painting is a kind of therapy and relaxation for me, so I thought, why not...

Some simple paintings of my version of Poinsettia wreaths to send to relatives
The calligraphy certainly needs improvement. This is just my natural handwriting. I haven't exactly been studying how to do this with a brush, or how to properly do calligraphy.

It was inspired by these lovely bunch of pink Poinsettias I saw at the grocery a couple of weeks ago

It's been really difficult finding time to pursue my interest in watercolor painting lately.  What with the busy schedule at work, at home, and other interests. I have had my hands quite full lately. But I'm just so happy my mood for painting coincided with some of the free time I had this weekend.

Some dried lavender in a pink vase
These sprigs of dried lavender in a vase have been sitting inside our bathroom sink for a long time. And the idea of painting it just sprung up on me today when a friend asked if I could send her one of my paintings.

This was the actual object vase with dried lavender
I know she loves lavender so I watched a tutorial on youtube how to do it, and just got on with it immediately this morning, and here it is now. I thought the vase would be really difficult as I have never really painted vases before, but for some reason it just painted itself out. And I'm quite happy with the result.

That's all for now, and thanks for dropping by. Have a good holiday season!

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