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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Le nouvel an chinois

Cette année, on a décidé de rester à Singapour pendant le nouvel an chinois parce qu'on était trop paresseux de decider de quoi à faire et où peut-on aller pour les vacances.

This is how you make Spritz... first, some bubbly drink (prosecco or champagne, or this time, we had some cava from Spain)

Monday, May 5, 2014

An Evening With John Cleese

i've been a big fan of Monty Python ever since i was introduced to this movie, with this favorite scene:

what's so funny about it is the silliness of the dialogue and behavior of the characters, bordering on cartoon-ish. it reminds me so much of the times i was watching silly Bugs Bunny cartoons when i was a kid.

we felt a bit scammed when we realized this  row of seating is the most uncomfortable and awkward in the theater, despite being so near the stage, and not to mention, expensive!

last night, i had the luckiest time of my life to be able to see John Cleese perform live here in Singapore. he talked briefly about his early life, family and a lot of funny anecdotes in the span of his works and career.

some random fan

he mentioned that his early inspiration for writing comedy are children's programs. in fact, some of the members of the Monty Python were writing for a children's TV show before they started collaborating together. i guess that is why their type of humor appeals to the silly and those with an overindulgent sense of the ridiculous.

the show was delightfully entertaining. i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. literally (due to the awkward seating placements of the theater) and figuratively. people were laughing from the very first line, and it didn't feel at all like two hours had passed when he said his last.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pidgin Bar and Restaurant

last December, we've taken our visiting in-laws to the Pidgin Bar and Restaurant at Dempsey Hill for lunch. the place has a lot of rave reviews all over the internet. so we decided to give it a try.

first impression: the ambience was very relaxing amid the surrounding greenery. and i just love the colonial architecture that gives an old-world charm to the place.

they also have very interesting dishes on the menu. as mentioned in the reviews, the place offers a refreshing fusion of local and western dishes.

some finger food for appetizers

we were not disappointed with the appetizers either. they all tasted as good as they looked.

something mighty meaty for hubby

salmon confit for me

frog legs!

the mains were all superb too.

free dessert for everyone to share... i was already full but i still managed to sample this one too. very delish!

luscious chocolate ice cream

i don't really remember what this is. some berry-flavored gelatin, i guess.

crème brulée

even the desserts were heavenly.

the service was excellent and the price was reasonable and fitting for the well above average dishes, and excellent service that the restaurant offers. the staff were very friendly and we never had to wait too long for the dishes to arrive. we're definitely going back for more.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Qunci Villas

While searching for a place to go to for our family's Christmas Holiday, I chanced upon this beautiful resort called Qunci Villas in Lombok, Indonesia from a friend's facebook photo. and I was mesmerized with the beauty of the place.

Arriving at the place, I did not feel disappointed seeing how beautiful the hotel surroundings are. I immediately fell in-love with the open shower in our room. You can see the tree tops outside while you take the shower because half of the shower area is roofless. It reminded me so much of the batalan in the Philippine provinces. :)

The beautiful bathroom with the shower's roofing half exposed to the elements :)

All the art works in the resort are created by a collaboration of french and local artists. I super love them. We tried to visit the gallery where the art works came from but they close really early and they only sell huge wood carvings.

Hubby says the woman in the painting looks like me.

Our bedroom with comfy window seats :)

That's our room as seen from one of the restaurants

Our bedroom directly opens into a view of one of the swimming pools right in front of the sea. That huge mountain from across is in Bali. It's quite famous and I had a pic with the view of it when I visited Bali but I forgot the mountain's name.

One of the three gorgeous infinity pools facing the sea towards Bali
They actually have three gorgeous infinity pools with salt in them, not chlorine, which is quite fortunate since I have just had my hair colored for the first time.

Beautiful and serene setting

They also have two restaurants which serve really good food for quite a reasonable price.

Breakfast by the sea... super loved it!

The Christmas Dinner, though, was a bit of a scam. It was more expensive than usual but there was nothing so special about menu.

They also have a bar, which we would always visit before having dinner at the restaurant.

Sipping some frozen cocktail while enjoying the view of the sunset

You could also order room service and dine in at your very own balcony, if you're feeling lazy to go out.

Lovely christmas treat waiting for us in the balcony on Christmas morning
The ambience is just so relaxing. They have lots of chaise lounges by the pool and even some beds to nap on while watching the huge waves from the sea. And also these bed areas can be converted into cozy nooks like this for romantic dinner dates:

Hubby notes that only cheesy Asian people like this romantic stuff (i.e. people like moi)

And to complete the relaxation, they also have a spa. I had the facial and the full body massage.

Nothing like a good old spa! :)

The spa room

Here are some more beautiful captures from around the resort:

Enjoying the view with my baby

Hubby and baby
I have totally enjoyed my Christmas Holiday, hope you all did too! :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chinese-Malaysian Wedding in Johor Bahru

i have rarely attended big weddings... come to think of it, i rarely attend weddings at all. this Sunday, hubby and i had the occasion to go to one in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

armed with a brand new GPS, we drove in the rain towards Johor Bahru, Malaysia to attend hubby's colleague's wedding

first off, we had to buy a proper GPS as the one from Google doesn't really work well giving cross-country directions. it was quite a challenge trying to find a good one here in Singapore. i guess most people don't really have the need for it with Singapore being such a small country.

it was quite a rainy drive on the way to Johor Bahru from Singapore. and there was heavy traffic jam crossing the border. we didn't realize so many people go to JB on a Sunday. but driving was so much easier going past the customs than when you are commuting. i remember having such a nightmare doing this when i went to Malacca by bus.

our cozy and well-lit bedroom for the night at Renaissance Hotel, Johor Bahru

we arrived at the Renaissance Hotel finally, after almost two hours, i think. it was quite a nice, new hotel. i especially loved the lighting. the swimming pool could be better though. our condo's swimming pool back in SG looks way better, in my opinion.

can't stop with the selfies

after taking a much needed siesta, we headed off towards the café at the ground floor level. the lighting here is impeccable too. it inspired me to take a lot of selfies and foodies. :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Paris gastronomie, etc

cette semaine, j'ai eu l'occasion de visiter Paris avec mon mari. on était la-bàs pour aller à l'ambassade des états-unis pour prendre un visa.

on avait vraiment de la chance parce que mon mari a beaucoup d'amis à Paris qui sont très gentils de nous offrir un logement.

on a resté dans l'appartement de l'un des nos amis qui se trouve pratiquement pas loin de l'ambassade. mais c'était une très bonne surprise quand on est arrivé dans cet appartement parce que c'était très, très sympa et charmant.

notre ami nous a dit que le propriétaire de son appartement est une Singapourienne. et c'est pour ça que les meubles viennent d'Asie.

inside the bedroom -- he even has his own walk-in closet (yes, he is a "he", a straight "he") as in!!! i'm so inggit (jealous).

c'était aussi pratique pour aller au restaurant qui était choisi par mon mari.

apparament, ce restaurant qui s'appelle "Saturne" est vraiment spécial. il n'y a que seulement un menu pour le dîner, composé de sept plats.

the bread basket with some aromatic grass at the bottom

this looked like white ashes to me with some leaves and flowers, but it was actually powdered blue cheese with some persil and flowers and some cold puréed herbs beneath. one of my husband's friends said it's disgusting because it tasted like licking his own feet... hmm... i bet my feet wouldn't taste this good. :p
this is the main attraction for me -- beets and smoked eel. very tasty. i was not so much into the large chunk of onion that contains the powdered cold red stuff, though.

this is pigeon. the foot with the claws is optional. i didn't take the clawy foot but my seatmate did.

je trouve les plats un peu bizarres et particuliers. l'un des amis de mon mari trouve le premier plat dégeuelasse et il a dit qu'il se semble comme il lèche ses pieds. :D mais par contre, j'ai vraiment aimé ce premier plat parce que j'était étonée (sur le bon sens du mot) quand le gout a éxplosé dans ma bouche.

bien qu'il y a quelques plats que je n'ai pas vraiment aimé, je dirait que l'ambience n'était pas très posh ou n'était pas très prétentieuse, et la service était impéccable quand meme.

and this was the damage for seven people

surtout, je pense que c'était vraiment une bonne expérience d'avoir diné dans ce restaurant. mais enfin, quand on a reçu l'addition,  je ne peut pas dire la même chose pour mes pôches.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Foie gras for the new year

My husband cooked up a special new year's eve meal with foie gras.

the chef at work

foie gras poêlé

As you know, duck is one of the major produce in the south of France, and foie gras de canard (duck foie gras) is a specialty. There is also foie gras from the goose but the duck one is more common.

foie gras poêlé with some risotto paired with dry white wine

Foie gras usually goes well with sweet wine, but we paired it with some dry white wine from the region famous for truffles. I liked this wine very much. According to some wine expert i know, you'll know if a wine is really good if it passes through the throat really smoothly and when all the flavors linger in your taste buds even after you've swallowed it.

Personally, I like any wine that is smooth on the throat and is not too bitter or too old. Old wine tends to have these sediments that gather at the bottom of the glass, which i really don't like.

melts in your mouth, like M&M's :)

And you know foie gras is really good and really fresh if it just melts in your mouth like butter. I like it like this, but not in huge servings.

And since he knows these are my favorites, we had this for dessert:

strawberry tart

The next day, we still had some leftover foie gras from last night. we didn't want to waste it, so we had it for lunch again.

foie gras poêlé again with some beets, mache and rocket salad

bet you wanna have a bite! :)

This time with some salad on the side.

And we had some dessert too.

a box of chocolates with special holiday packaging

I just love these Christmasy packaging on chocolates during the holidays.

Bonne annee!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Homemade Holiday Treats

last year i tried my hand at making pastillas de leche to give away to friends as a Christmas treat.

my very own, homemade yema balls in paper cups, stacked neatly in a bright yellow plastic glass

it was easy to make and you don't need so many ingredients.  wrapping up the stuff was tiresome though.

it helps to have a measuring spoon to have some uniformity with the size of the balls

this year, i tried to make some yema balls instead. courtesy of this recipe.

nuts and dried fruits

 i've decided to include some personal touch and minor revisions on the recipe. so i added a variety of other nuts, not just peanuts in the mixture.

sprinkling over a bit more ground nuts for aesthetics

it proved to be a tiresome and tedious task yet again.

i ran out of paper cups so i had to improvise some plastic wrappers out of the mini-gift bags that i bought in Daiso (a Japanese store in Singapore) as wrappers.

but since i love giving away Filipino treats to my friends during the holiday season, i decided to make that once-in-a-year effort, which, i would venture to say, was well-appreciated.  :)