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Monday, July 16, 2018

Champion du Monde

If you live in Europe, or in any country where people are crazy about Football (Soccer, in the US), you'd know that France has recently become the Champion of the 21st FIFA World Cup. Yes, we are the champions, my friend.

One of the many witty memes circulating in various social media sites today
Lots of people are asking me if I feel happy or proud, as in how people in the Philippines feel happy and proud whenever Manny Pacquiao wins, or whenever we get an international Beauty Pageant Crown. Well, for one, I'm not into boxing. And the last time I cheered for anybody in a beauty pageant was for Charlene Gonzales when I was 16, I think. So, there is really no context there.

But do I feel proud? Especially now that I am French? Do I? Am I?

I genuinely feel happy for France and the French people (that includes myself). As for being proud, I have never really been into the habit of feeling proud for somebody else's achievements. Also, watching the game, I wish there would come a time when I would stop seeing colors. Like, the whole time I was watching I keep thinking this guy winning the game for these French people is black. He's not really French at all. Only somewhat French, like myself, or my daughter. So if these non-French looking people could feel proud of being French, so should I, right? And if the white French people could take credit for a black person winning the World Cup for them, so could I, right? Admit it or not, most people living in Europe feel more European because they are white. I know, because I live here.

Makes me wonder if Napoleon could've won more wars if he had more black people then. Hmm...
(bit of trivia:

I'm not racist. I don't mean to be racist. This is not a racist post. Just my honest musings. I am also a  minority, myself. I am merely explaining why it's difficult for me to feel proud and to feel really French.

Anyway, Congratulations to us! Champion du Monde! And that's not sarcastic. ;)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Romantic Lunch Date at Rhubarb Le Restaurant

Rhubarb Vanilla Ice Cream at Rhubarb, Le Restaurant

There is nothing more pleasantly distracting than a surprise romantic lunch at a Michelin-starred French restaurant on a busy Monday. Hubby chose a cozy restaurant called, Rhubarb, Le Restaurant. We figured the owner must've been really obsessed with this plant, which a decade ago would've been something very unfamiliar to me. I now know for one that Rhubarb Pie is one of my husband's favorites. And I quite like it too, for its tangy and citrusy flavor. We tried the restaurant's Rhubarb Vanilla Ice Cream at the end of a three-course lunch menu, and found it deliciously refreshing, especially with the popping sugar bits.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Mood: The Sunny Sunflowers

We chanced upon some sunflowers growing in the wild on the road side. My mother-in-law made a bouquet with a bunch of other wild flowers. It's so pretty.

We have just arrived in France this weekend. On the road from Toulouse to my in-laws' place, we were greeted by the smiliest, sunniest blooms of rows and never-ending rows of sunflowers. Scroll down for your viewing pleasure...

Monday, July 18, 2016