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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Biko Birthday Cake

I've decided to make good use of the gorgeous rice from Cagayan Valley in the Philippines that was gifted by a friend, and decided to make some Biko. I found a simple recipe here. I just adjusted the sugar to my taste. And found that the rice needed more coconut milk than was mentioned in the recipe.

Gorgeous grains of Malagkit Rice from Cagayan Valley, soaked overnight in water.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pink Lemonade

In my search for everything pink for the upcoming Birthday Celebration of my daughter, I've come across "pink lemonade" on Pinterest. Since I love lemons and my daughter loves pink, I decided to test out this recipe that I found on Youtube. It was quite easy to make, and I love the fact that it uses raspberries for color, not an artificial food coloring.

Having a gouté for one with my Pink Lemonade + Bonne Maman treats
You can make your lemonade as pink as you want. I prefer to have mine with just a hint of pink. But upon serving it for snack to my daughter, she complained that it's orange, not pink. She just likes to complain all the time. I wonder whom she got that from? :D

Happy Easter! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Festive Lemon Pound Cake

For my daughter's birthday this year, I decided to make a lemon cake. I'm very partial to lemon. I just love its clean, sweet smell and tangy acid taste. In French, they would call any sweet stuff with a citrusy flavor, acidulé. I really like this term. It makes the flavor sound even nicer and tempting to taste.

My very simple, but very delicious Lemon Pound Cake

I found this very simple, fuss-free recipe on the internet that I just watched a few hours before the party itself. How very convenient it is nowadays to learn anything at the tip of your fingers and at the convenience of your own home. The internet is really good for this.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tiramisu fait-maison

during the holidays, i had quite a lot of energy for cooking and baking and so i decided to make some Tiramisu out of the blue.

cream and vanilla extract

all whipped up to the right consistency

add the mascarpone into the batter with eggs, sugar and cooked milk which had been refrigerated for at least an hour

i didn't realize though, that it was quite a complicated recipe. but i was really into doing it so i decided to get on with it anyway, despite the hard work.

they call these Lady Fingers in the English-speaking world

layer with the biscuits dipped in coffee, then the whipped cream and batter, then repeat

i had to improvise with the scotch since i didn't have rhum in the kitchen

Tiramisu is originally from Italy and it literally means "pick me up". i guess it got the name from the ingredients -- rhum and coffee, which will literally pick your spirits up when you are feeling a bit less hyper and in need of waking up.

dip the biscuits in brewed coffee, be careful not to dip them too much or they will break

et voila! now it's ready to be covered with unsweetened cocoa powder

i found the recipe here, if you're interested to try it out for yourself.

i wanted to put some raspberries on top, but i couldn't find any at the grocery, so i just made do with some apricots.

i hope you all have a great Chinese New Year holiday... and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of you who celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Madeleines aux pépites de chocolat

ca fait longtemps que j'ai fait une recette française. c'est pour ca que aujourd'hui, j'ai décidé d'essayer faire les madeleines. c'est l'un des gateaux français que je prefère. je me rapelle, quand j'étais en France, je les mangeais pour petit-déjeuner presque tous les matins. je spécialement prefère ceux aux pépites de chocolat.

ce qui m'etonne ici à Singapour , c'est que c'est toujours difficile de trouver l'extrait de vanille pûr et bien aussi les moules pour faire les madeleine. mais, j'avais de la chance, parce que j'ai démandé ma belle-mère avant d'arriver ici a Singapour pour ses vacances de m'amener quelques ingredients et les moules pour les faire.

les trucs amenés par ma belle-mère qui viennent de France -- même si ils sont pas les extraits "pûrs", ils sont meilleurs que les trucs qu'on peut trouver ici à Singapour.

j'etais très heureuse de trouver les sachets de levure chimique de Casino chez Cold Storage ici a Singapour

j'ai suit la recette ici. mais, j'ai remplacé quelques ingrédients pour avoir la touche personelle. j'ai utilisé la levure chimique qui vient de la France, et j'ai ajouté l'extrait d'amande et les pépites de chocolat. un petit conseil: ne pas ajouter trop d'extrait d'amande parce que c'est très fort, et ca donne le goût amer.

je prefère d'utiliser cet ingredient à la place de l'extrait de vanille... j'en ai trouver ici à Singapour chez Cold Storage une fois, mais quand je suis revenu j'en ai plus trouvé, malheureusement. c'est bon aussi pour les "pancakes", etc.

aussi, j'aime utiliser la cassonade à la place de sucre blanc. mais, ca c'est juste une question de goût. et si tu veux, tu peux aussi ajouter le sucre vanillé pour remplacer l'extrait de vanille. ca c'est pratique si c'est vraiment difficile pour toi de trouver l'extrait de vanille pûr.

la forme parfaite

pour la forme parfaite, il faut avoir la bosse comme sur la photo ci-dessus, et bien aussi la coquille à l'envers comme sur la photo ci-dessous:

madeleines aux pépites de chocolat fait-maison

je suis très fière de moi pour avoir faire les bonnes madeleines pour la première fois.