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Monday, July 16, 2018

Champion du Monde

If you live in Europe, or in any country where people are crazy about Football (Soccer, in the US), you'd know that France has recently become the Champion of the 21st FIFA World Cup. Yes, we are the champions, my friend.

One of the many witty memes circulating in various social media sites today
Lots of people are asking me if I feel happy or proud, as in how people in the Philippines feel happy and proud whenever Manny Pacquiao wins, or whenever we get an international Beauty Pageant Crown. Well, for one, I'm not into boxing. And the last time I cheered for anybody in a beauty pageant was for Charlene Gonzales when I was 16, I think. So, there is really no context there.

But do I feel proud? Especially now that I am French? Do I? Am I?

I genuinely feel happy for France and the French people (that includes myself). As for being proud, I have never really been into the habit of feeling proud for somebody else's achievements. Also, watching the game, I wish there would come a time when I would stop seeing colors. Like, the whole time I was watching I keep thinking this guy winning the game for these French people is black. He's not really French at all. Only somewhat French, like myself, or my daughter. So if these non-French looking people could feel proud of being French, so should I, right? And if the white French people could take credit for a black person winning the World Cup for them, so could I, right? Admit it or not, most people living in Europe feel more European because they are white. I know, because I live here.

Makes me wonder if Napoleon could've won more wars if he had more black people then. Hmm...
(bit of trivia:

I'm not racist. I don't mean to be racist. This is not a racist post. Just my honest musings. I am also a  minority, myself. I am merely explaining why it's difficult for me to feel proud and to feel really French.

Anyway, Congratulations to us! Champion du Monde! And that's not sarcastic. ;)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Village of the Damned

Back in the 80's and the early 90's, my siblings and I, along with my kiddie cousins would watch lots of movies during the summer break. One of the few horror movies that made an indelible mark in the psyche was "Village of the Damned". I had long forgotten the title, actually. I just googled, "horror movie kids with white hair" to find the title and some video clips. I even found out that it was already a remake of the original from 1960. Thanks, Google. Looks even creepier in black and white.

I'm not usually into scary movies. But kids like to be spooked by nature. Aside from the spooks, what made it interesting for me was that it starred Superman, a.k.a. Christopher Reeve. I'd watch anything with Superman in it. Also in the cast was Luke Skywalker. Not a big fan, though. Just shared for a bit of trivia.

When I think about the current worsening state of the Internet, I would always remember this quote from this movie:

Dr. Susan Verner: What can you read that's in my head?
Mara Chaffee: Everything that is active in your mind. However, the path that leads to the speaking process eludes us. Why do you speak some thoughts but not others?
Dr. Susan Verner: Wouldn't it be a noisy world if we all said what we thought?

(quote credits:

"Wouldn't it be a noisy world if we all said what we thought?" 

Needless to say, we all soon found out that we don't really want to know what everybody thinks or does all the frigging time. Thanks to the Internet, a. k. a. The Village of the Damned, for this precious gift meant for the stalkers in all of us.

The World Wide Web has become uber noisy, cluttered, and polluted with much too much whatever nowadays. This is why I've been skimpy with opinions and details lately. I don't really feel like contributing much to the mess and the noise and the chaos. I kinda miss the Internet of the 90's, back when the Internet belonged only to the I. T. Geeks, a.k.a. the people who actually know how to use it. Sorry if that sounded snobbish or condescending, but that's how I feel.

I do not want to contribute to the noise pollution so much. And privacy is becoming more and more of a prized artefact nowadays. And that is why, I've been wondering if I should still continue blogging... hmm...

To be continued...

P. S.
Some of my other lesser known favorite horror/fantasy movies from the 80's and 90's: Fire Starter, Poltergeist, The Princess Bride, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Drop Dead Fred, Beetlejuice

Thanks for dropping by and have a good Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Garden State of Mind

I'm just in the mood for nice songs today. This one's on the top of my list of go-to, feel-good favorites:

And so was the movie, "Garden State".

Have a merry mid-week, everyone! :)